Best Materials for Your Kitchen Countertops

general contractors ormond beachWhen it comes to selecting countertops for your kitchen, your decision should be based on durability, functionality, and style. Check below to learn our favorite materials that we use for kitchen countertops.

  • Quartz- We love implementing quartz countertops into kitchens due to their high resistance to heat and stains. Quartz is practically maintenance free and comes in a plethora of color options and designs.
  • Granite- Many homeowners love granite for its unique patterns and durability. Granite adds value to your home and offers a stylish approach to functional features in your kitchen.
  • Laminate- For the budget shoppers, we recommend utilizing laminate countertops in your home because they are affordable yet stylish. Laminate materials have improved immensely, allowing their patterns range from stone to granite.
  • Wood- For a natural approach to countertops that warm your space, we use wood butcher-block-style wood. Wood offers a rustic and quaint style that is functional with its heat resistance properties and strong
  • Marble- Marble countertops are the crème de la crème of countertops. Marble adds a glamorous style to your kitchen but does require some maintenance.

Look to our general contractors in Ormond Beach to help you achieve the countertops of your dreams. Our design specialists offer expertise to find countertops that match your lifestyle and budget. Contact us today (386) 673-2508 to request a consultation.