Top Kitchen Trends

general contractors ormond beachLove where you cook when you upgrade your kitchen with the help from Budgen Construction. Our general contractors in Ormond Beach offer stylish and functional design elements to your kitchen to increase your home’s overall value and aesthetic. Below we have the top kitchen designs that are trending now.

Bold Backsplashes

Since kitchen appliances are typically white, black, and stainless steel, many homeowners are opting for bright backsplashes to add color to their space. From floral wallpaper to emerald green tile, make your kitchen pop with a fun and unique backsplash.

Open Shelving

Our general contractors in Ormond Beach recommend open shelving to our clients because they are stylish yet functional. Whether you are going for an industrial look or just a want a space to showcase your beautiful dishes, open shelving will transform your kitchen area.

Patterned Tile

Add a unique touch to your kitchen by choosing fun patterned tile for your flooring. Trending now is subtle Moroccan designs that feature beautiful patterns for your floor. We also love tile flooring that looks like wood for a clean finish.

If you want to upgrade your kitchen for a fresh new look, contact our design specialists at (386) 673-2508 to schedule a consultation today.

Best Materials for Your Kitchen Countertops

general contractors ormond beachWhen it comes to selecting countertops for your kitchen, your decision should be based on durability, functionality, and style. Check below to learn our favorite materials that we use for kitchen countertops.

  • Quartz- We love implementing quartz countertops into kitchens due to their high resistance to heat and stains. Quartz is practically maintenance free and comes in a plethora of color options and designs.
  • Granite- Many homeowners love granite for its unique patterns and durability. Granite adds value to your home and offers a stylish approach to functional features in your kitchen.
  • Laminate- For the budget shoppers, we recommend utilizing laminate countertops in your home because they are affordable yet stylish. Laminate materials have improved immensely, allowing their patterns range from stone to granite.
  • Wood- For a natural approach to countertops that warm your space, we use wood butcher-block-style wood. Wood offers a rustic and quaint style that is functional with its heat resistance properties and strong
  • Marble- Marble countertops are the crème de la crème of countertops. Marble adds a glamorous style to your kitchen but does require some maintenance.

Look to our general contractors in Ormond Beach to help you achieve the countertops of your dreams. Our design specialists offer expertise to find countertops that match your lifestyle and budget. Contact us today (386) 673-2508 to request a consultation.

Why You Need a Mudroom in Your Home

construction company Ormond Beach FLThey say first impressions are everything, which holds true regarding when you first walk into your home. Make a positive first impression for your guests and family by adding a functional yet stylish entryway or mudroom. Below we have the many reasons why you need a mudroom in your home.

  • Transitional Space– After your long day at the office, you come home after being rained on during your daily commute, and fling your mail and purse wherever it lands. If this situation sounds too familiar, you are in need of a mudroom. A mudroom is the perfect transitional space your home needs to help you organize your life. Creating a space that is made to transition from the weather or just the day’s items, it will help organize your overall home.
  • Increased Storage- Mudrooms is perfect for adding storage areas to increase your homes overall organization. Our construction company in Ormond Beach, FL likes to incorporate benches that double as shoe storage bins. We also include coat racks and built-in shelves to help make your transition from the outside less cluttered.
  • Added Value– Adding a mudroom to your home’s layout will increase the overall resale price if you ever choose to sell, making it a great investment.

If you are looking to add functionality and style to your space, look to our construction company in Ormond Beach, FL. Contact us today at (386) 673-2508 to learn more about our residential services.

What Your Paint Color Says About You

bathroom remodeling Daytona Beach FLMuch like a mood ring, you can tell a lot about an individual’s personality from the color they paint their home. Although we are not fortune tellers, below we have created fun personas regarding the many different hues you may choose to paint.

Warm Hues

If you are drawn to warm shades reflecting the sun, such as yellows and oranges, you tend to be as bright and cheerful as a vibrant summer day. Your choice of paint and home reflects your ability to light up the space with your smile and welcoming vibes.

Cool Tones

Individuals who are attracted to pale blues, purples, and greens tend to be one with nature and harmony. These are the folks who love waking up in their peaceful home for a morning of meditation and ending their day with a calming cup of tea on a winter night.

Neutral Shades

People who love neutral shades in their home tend to be practical. You are passionate about clean lines and cozy atmospheres that create a sophisticated yet functional space.

Eclectic Hues

If you are the creative type that loves a different shade of paint in every room, you are the free spirited type. You love to add different colors and you are not afraid to break the rules with design and style.

If you are interested in updating your home with our services in home remodeling in Port Orange, contact our design team at (386) 673-2508.

4 Design Ideas for Your Master Bathroom Remodel

bathroom remodeling Daytona Beach FLAt Budgen Construction, we believe the bathroom is a sacred place to unwind and relax, which is why we help our clients attain a peaceful oasis with our bathroom remodeling in Daytona Beach, FL! Check below to learn four must-have design ideas for your next bathroom remodel.

  1. Although a toilet is an essential for every bathroom, we recommend hiding the toilet behind a half wall or in its own little room in the restroom for added privacy.
  2. Upgrading your bathroom surfaces is vital to improving the overall aesthetic and functionality. We love to expand the use of granite and quartz from the kitchen to the bathroom for added style and durability for everyday tasks.
  3. Creating the perfect bathroom oasis depends heavily on the shower and the bathtub. We recommend indulging with your shower size by 4-by-6-feet or even 5-by-7-feet to achieve the ultimate relaxing experience. This size shower will allow for his and her waterfall showerheads and extra space for all your shower essentials and body washes. When it comes to choosing the best bathtub, we love a classic clawfoot tub to lay back and unwind from the day.
  4. Since the bathroom is used to get ready for the day, we always recommend incorporating windows for natural light and using sconces over the mirror to help illuminate the space without added shadows.

If you are interested in learning more about our bathroom remodeling in Daytona Beach, FL, contact our design specialists at (386) 673-2508.

4 Must Haves for Your Kitchen Renovation

They say a kitchen is the heart of a home, which is why Budgen Construction is the perfect ingredient to your kitchen renovation in Ormond Beach, FL. When it comes to having the perfect kitchen, there are a few items that are a must in your space. Check out the four must have items below to incorporate into your kitchen remodel.

  1. Island

An Island is a perfect addition to your kitchen because it adds extra cabinetry, seating, and counter space. This is also a great gathering space for your child’s homework or just an afternoon chat.

  1. Open Concept Floor Plan

Allowing your kitchen to flow seamlessly into your other living spaces will allow your kitchen to feel bigger and brighter. In addition, this design concept will allow the cook of the family to not miss out on family time in the living room, bringing everyone together!

  1. Natural Light

Incorporating windows into your kitchen space will allow for beautiful natural life and happy feelings all around!

  1. Granite Countertops

Granite is a great addition to your kitchen due to its beauty and durability. Incorporating granite countertops into your design will also increase the overall value of your space.

Our kitchen renovation in Ormond Beach, FL does not just upgrade your space but increases the overall value of your home. Contact us at (386) 673-2508 to schedule a design consultation today for your kitchen remodel.

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